Import Security file

In order to import the security file of Magic (usr_std) into the migrated .NET application you first need to export it from uniPaaS/XPA using a utility provided by Magic Software called MgUsrDmp.exe which is located in the Magic engine folder.
This utility exports all the users (without passwords) and rights to an XML file.

  1. Make sure you know the SUPERVISOR password
  2. If the user file is from v9 or below, you first need to convert it to uniPaaS/XPA using the utility called userupd.exe located in the engine folder.
  3. Once the file is converted, run:

    MgUsrDmp.exe /p=supervisorPassword /n=inputFile /o=outputFile

In the .NET application open the Users screen (Options->Users*), click the Import button and select the XML that was created.
Notice that .NET imports the users and rights into a file called "security" which is located in the bin folder.


For future migrations, upload the .NET security file to the AutomaticMigration folder in the FTP.

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