Splitting an application into smaller parts

During the conversion process, you can easily group programs / tables into projects.
This can be done by adding a text file named “.namespaces” to the AutomaticMigraion folder on the FTP.
Each line in the file represents a project in the result .NET solution.
You can group several programs into one project using any of the following syntax:
1-236, Accounting
312,342, Reports
400-499, Reports.WhareHouse
592-636, 684,690, Batch_Process
700-, Orders
This is a short clip demonstrating the file format and the result:

A few things you have to keep in mind:

  1. Note the casing of the names (Microsoft usually recommends using CamelCase)
  2. Use “_” as a space.
  3. Optimal use of Microsoft Visual Studio, you should keep the size of each project around 10MB, which will result in a dll sized ~1.5MB.

This file can be changed at any time until the final migration, so you can try different structures.

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