Adding a new project to a migrated solution

  1. Right click on the solution and add a new project of type "Class Library", from the "Windows Classic Desktop" folder and call it Northwind.ModuleName
  2. Delete the class.cs - we don't need it.
  3. In project settings:
    1. Make sure that it has the same .NET framework version of the original app.
    2. configure the Build "Output path" to: ..\bin\ for both Debug and release configuration.
  4. Add the project to the msbuild.xml file - so that it'll get included when you run the BuildDebug.bat and BuildRelease.bat
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
 <Project DefaultTargets="Step4" xmlns="" ToolsVersion="3.5">
    <Target Name="Step1" DependsOnTargets="">
    <MSBuild Projects=".\ENV\ENV.csproj;"  BuildInParallel="true"  StopOnFirstFailure="true"/>
    <Target Name="Step2" DependsOnTargets="Step1">
    <MSBuild Projects=".\NorthwindBase\NorthwindBase.csproj;"  BuildInParallel="true"  StopOnFirstFailure="true"/>
    <Target Name="Step3" DependsOnTargets="Step2">
-   <MSBuild Projects=".\Northwind.Customers\Northwind.Customers.csproj;.\Northwind.Products\Northwind.Products.csproj;.\Northwind.Orders\Northwind.Orders.csproj;"  BuildInParallel="true"  StopOnFirstFailure="true"/>
    <MSBuild Projects=".\Northwind.NewModule\Northwind.NewModule.csproj;.\Northwind.Customers\Northwind.Customers.csproj;.\Northwind.Products\Northwind.Products.csproj;.\Northwind.Orders\Northwind.Orders.csproj;"  BuildInParallel="true"  StopOnFirstFailure="true"/>

    <Target Name="Step4" DependsOnTargets="Step3">
    <MSBuild Projects=".\Northwind\Northwind.csproj;"  BuildInParallel="true"  StopOnFirstFailure="true"/>
  1. Add references to:

    • From the Assemblies tab:
      1. System.Windows.Forms
      2. System.Drawing
    • From the Browse tab, select from the project's bin directory the following dlls:
      1. ENV
      2. Firefly.Box
      3. NorthwindBase
      4. (Northwind.Share for larger migrated solutions)
  2. Add a reference to it where ever you need it, or for more complex scenarios, use the AbstractFactory pattern described in: Calling Controllers across project scopes

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