Binding controls data to method

In this article We'll:

  • Review the different data types that are used in the migration and their unique attributes

MigratedDataTypes Power Point Presentation

  • Create a GetDayOfWeek method and bind a control to the result of this method.
  • Explain the different parts of the method
  • We need the method to be internal or public because we want to use it in another class - the ShowOrdersView class
  • The method has to have the one of the migrated return types Text, Number, Date, Time or Bool
internal Text GetDayOfWeek()
    return Orders.OrderDate.DayOfWeek.ToString();
  • Review the Property Sheet in the Visual Studio Designer
  • Explain about the quick properties window

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  • We'll review the "Select Data" window, and explain that we have the controller, the tables, and the new GetDayOfWeek method

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