Binding Controls

  • We can create a relationship between several controls and another control, so that when that control's visibility expression is changed, all the visibility of all the controls that are bound to that control will change accordingly.
  • In this video we demo this behavior in magic, and demo how to achieve the same result in .NET
  • Add a new UIContorller "DemoBoundControls"
  • We'll add a new local BoolColumn called "ShowGroupBox", we'll use it later as the visible expression of the GroupBox
public class DemoBoundContorls : UIContorllerBase
    public readonly BoolColumn ShowGroupBox = new BoolColumn("Show Group Box");
  • We'll add the "ShowGroupBox" column to the View
  • We'll add a GroupBox and two labels to the View, and place one Label inside the GroupBox and another outside.
    2017 03 05 18H10 50
  • To bind the labels to the GroupBox, we'll go to the "Properties" window and select the BoundTo Property, in it we can select groupBox1 as the bound to Control.
    2017 03 05 18H12 20
  • We'll bind the visibility of the groupBox1to the "ShowGroupBox" column using the BindVisibile event in the "events" tab of the "Properties" window
private void groupBox1_BindVisible(object sender, BooleanBindingEventArgs e)
    e.Value = _controller.ShowGroupBox;
  • See how the visibility of the labels change together with the visibility of the GroupBox

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