Control Models

So far we discussed Field models which are migrated as Types.
In Magic you could also have GUI models, which are migrated as a user controls and could be found
in the Views/Controls folder in the Base project:
2018 03 08 13H38 48

If you want to use them in your view you need to:

  1. Open the view designer screen
  2. In the toolbox right click on any tab and choose Add Tab
  3. Provide it with a meaningful name, e.g. MyControls, and select it
  4. On the view right click and choose Add controls to toolbox
  5. Select your Base dll from your bin directory
  6. In the opened screen expand the node with your controls, for example Northwind.Views.Controls 2018 03 08 13H46 33
  7. From here on you can use them as any other control

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