Exercise - List Controls

  1. Add new UIController to the Exercises folder, name the new UIController ControlsDemo.
  2. Set the Orders table as the main table
  3. Add OrderID, ShipCountry to a grid on the form.
  4. Add 3 ComboBoxes to the grid. For each combobox you need to:
    1. Add a column to the grid.
    2. Place a ComboBox from the toolbox in the new column.
    3. Name the column:
      1. Customer.
      2. Employee.
      3. Shipper.
  5. The 3 ComboBoxes will show data from :
    1. CustomerID.
    2. EmployeeID.
    3. ShipVia.
  6. Set the Name property of the 3 ComboBoxes to :
    1. cmbCustomer.
    2. cmbEmployee.
    3. cmbShipper.
  7. In ControlsDemo controller define these 3 tables:
    1. Customers.
    2. Employees.
    3. Shippers.
  8. Go to the code behind of ControlsDemo form and set:
    1. cmbCustomer ListSource to be customer table from the controller.
    2. cmbCustomer ValueColumn to be CustomerID.
    3. cmbCustomer DisplayColumn to be CompanyName.
    4. cmbEmployee ListSource to be Employees table from the controller.
    5. cmbEmployee ValueColumn to be EmployeeID.
    6. cmbEmployee DisplayColumn to be LastName.
    7. cmbShipper ListSource to be Shippers table from the controller.
    8. cmbShipper ValueColumn to be ShipperID.
    9. cmbShipper DisplayColumn to be CompanyName.
  9. Save changes to Git.
  10. Build and test.
  11. Add Where to show records where the order ShipCountry is equal to UK.
  12. Save changes to Git.
  13. Build and test.
  14. Set the cmbCustomer to show only UK customers.
  15. Save changes to Git.
  16. Build and test.
  17. Set the cmbEmployee to show only UK Employees.
  18. Save changes to Git.
  19. Build and test.

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