Exercise - Subform

  1. In ShowEmployees.
  2. Add instance of ShowEmployeeCars.(You can use drag and drop of the class).
  3. Add an action method (no return value and no parameters received) name it RunShowEmployeesCars.
  4. RunShowEmployeesCars will call the new instance Run Method.
  5. Build.
  6. Open the ShowEmployees form.
  7. Reduce the size of the grid, and add a subform.
  8. Go to the code behind of the form (F7).
  9. After the InitializeComponent() set the subform controller.
  10. Save changes to Git.
  11. Build and test.
  12. Notice that you get data only for the first employee.
  13. In ShowEmployeeCars.
  14. In the Run method.
  15. Clear the where.
  16. Save changes to Git.
  17. Build and test.

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