There are many data controls in .NET that use a DataTable as their data source. This article explains how to export the current data view to a DataTable, which can be used to display the data in any .NET control such as the DataGridView or DevExpress controls.

The ExportToDataTable Method

Assuming we have a UIController with a filtered list of orders:
2018 07 10 16H53 05

We want to display the data in a DataGridView control from the System.Windows.Forms namespace:
2018 07 10 16H53 56

Here is the code sample to export the current data view to a DataTable:

internal void ExportToDataTable()
    var dtb = new DataTableBuilder();
    GridExports.ExportToDataTableBuilder(this._uiController, () =>
        var f = new System.Windows.Forms.Form();
        var gv = new DataGridView
            Dock = DockStyle.Fill,
            DataSource = dtb.Result


    }, dtb);

Notice that this._uiController is a member of ENV.AbstractUIController class, which is not accessible by default. If you want to make it available to any UIController, just add the protected access modifier to it:

public abstract class AbstractUIController : ControllerBase
     protected internal UIController _uiController; 

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