Getting ready for the Training

Before we'll start the training, you'll need to prepare and follow some prerequesites in terms of knowledge and in terms of developer machine setup.

Training knowledge Prerequisits

In our training we'll teach you C# - but most developers found it useful to gain some basic C# concepts and knowledge before our training, to make the live training more effective.

We strongly recommend that you'll review the C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners by Bob Tabor

Please make sure that all trainees follow this course before the start of our training.

We recommend this course for any developer without prior .NET C# knowledge - so if you only have magic background - or even if you have some basic c or kobol or rpg background, we still recommend that you'll review this course.

Trainee Machine Requirements

Each trainee in the training will need the following hardware and software requirements on their machine

  1. A headset with a Microphone and a web cam - to comunicate with the traier.
  2. Visual Studio 2019/2022. We recommend the Pro version, but you can also start with the Community version which can be downloaded from Microsoft's Visual Studio Download
  3. Once you install visual studio, follow the configuration steps outlined in the Configuring Visual Studio article.
  4. Your application code - Every trainee should have a fully working version of your application in magic and in .NET.
    1. Make sure that the trainees have access to a database and can run the application both in magic and in .NET
    2. Make sure to have the source code of the application, both in magic and in .NET available on these machines.
      1. note - please place the .NET code on a local drive and not on a network drive.
  5. The Northwind Training Application
    1. Please setup a new database called Northwind, using the script that we've placed under the Training folder in your migration ftp.
    2. The .NET code of the Northwind application -
      1. We've placed a file called dotnet.rar under the training folder in your migration ftp
      2. Please download it and open it to a folder on your local drive (ie c:\Northwind).
      3. Once it's open please run builddebug.bat
  6. A week before the training, please make sure to have all of this installed, and schedule a system check meeting with tyour firefly representative.

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