How to Find my Controllers

Here are some techniques on how to find your controllers (programs) easily:

  1. Use the (Shift + F12) keyboard shortcut while running the application to pause directly into the relevant code.

    Shift + F12

See Using Debug Information in VS

  1. Use the (Ctrl + ,) keyboard shortcut, to open Visual Studio's "goto all dialog". (in vs 2015 it was Ctrl + T)
    Ctrl + ,

  2. While running the application use the Controller List developer tools (Shift + F3) to locate the program, right click on the eatery and "Copy Code Path", then use (Ctrl + T) keyboard shortcut to navigate to the class.
    Developer Tools

see: Finding a Controller Using The Developer Tools And Find Type

  1. Right click on any class and choose Goto Definition to go to it's code. (F12). If it's an interface you can choose Goto Implementation to go to the actual controller's code.
    Goto Definition

  2. In the entry point project, there is a class called ApplicationPrograms that lists all programs with their number and class info.
    Use one of the previous options to go the code :
    previous option 2 : if the name of the class appears as text.
    previous option 4 : Goto Implementation.

Application Programs

  1. If you get an error report from your users with the call stack, use the stack trace explorer visual studio extension to go directly from it to your code.

  2. Once you break into the code, use the Visual Studio's CallStack window to browse through the running controllers and double click any line to go to it's code. you can find the CallStack window the "Debug\Windows\CallStack" menu

  1. Goto code from the designer: Going To An Expression From The Designer

  2. Working with the small and fast standard solution: Using The Standard Solution

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