Inner Classes

  • In Magic you used to have programs, which had many sub tasks
  • In the migrated code, these subtasks are migrated to inner classes

Task tree in magic

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Classes and inner classes in .NET

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  • These inner classes can be over-viewed using the Classes ComboBox at the top of the screen
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  • Or using the "Class Outline" Visual studio extension that you can download from here: Class Outline Visual Studio Extension
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Setting the scene for writing a new inner class

  • Create a new UIController called "ShowOrdersToDemoInnerClasses"
  • Use the Orders Table
  • Add the following local columns to collect the order statistics
  • Design the screen so that you'll have some columns on the grid, and the 3 local columns below the grid.
public class ShowOrdersToDemoInnerClasses : UIControllerBase

    public readonly Models.Orders Orders = new Models.Orders();
    public readonly NumberColumn Items = new NumberColumn("Items", "2");
    public readonly NumberColumn TotalQuantity = new NumberColumn("Total Quantity", "4");
    public readonly NumberColumn TotalAmount = new NumberColumn("Total Amount", "5C");
    public ShowOrdersToDemoInnerClasses()
        From = Orders;
    public void Run()
    protected override void OnLoad()
        View = () => new Views.ShowOrdersToDemoInnerClassesView(this);

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