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Namespace:  Firefly.Box.Data.DataProvider
Assembly:  Firefly.Box (in Firefly.Box.dll) Version: (


IRowsProvider CreateReader(
	IEnumerable<ColumnBase> selectedColumns,
	IFilter where,
	Sort sort,
	IEnumerable<IJoin> joins,
	bool disableCache
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Function CreateReader ( _
	selectedColumns As IEnumerable(Of ColumnBase), _
	where As IFilter, _
	sort As Sort, _
	joins As IEnumerable(Of IJoin), _
	disableCache As Boolean _
) As IRowsProvider
Visual C++
IRowsProvider^ CreateReader(
	IEnumerable<ColumnBase^>^ selectedColumns, 
	IFilter^ where, 
	Sort^ sort, 
	IEnumerable<IJoin^>^ joins, 
	bool disableCache

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