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Column is used outside it's allowed scope

Namespace:  Firefly.Box.Advanced
Assembly:  Firefly.Box (in Firefly.Box.dll) Version: (


public class ColumnNotAddedToTaskOrTaskNotExecutedException : Exception
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class ColumnNotAddedToTaskOrTaskNotExecutedException _
	Inherits Exception
Visual C++
public ref class ColumnNotAddedToTaskOrTaskNotExecutedException : public Exception


This exception is raised when a Column that is associated with an Entity is used, in one of the following cases:
  • The column was not added to the Columns Array.
  • The column is used outside the scope of the task, eather before the Start event, or after the End event
Posible solution - Try adding the column to the task using the Columns.[!:IColumnsCollection.Add] method.

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