Local Columns and BindValue

In this section, we'll discuss local columns and BindValue

Let's start with:

Local Columns

  • Just like you can add a column to an Entity, you can have a local column defined in the scope of a controller
  • Create a "DemoLocalColumn" Controller
  • Add a member called "FromDate" of type DateColumn
public class DemoLocalColumns : UIControllerBase
    public readonly DateColumn FromDate = new DateColumn("From Date");
    public readonly DateColumn ToDate = new DateColumn("To Date");
    public DemoLocalColumns()
    public void Run()
    protected override void OnLoad()
        View = () => new Views.DemoLocalColumnsView(this);
  • Make sure to build the project
  • Add the FromDate and ToDate members to the screen using the "Column Wizard" 2017 02 26 10H00 58

For a deeper discussion of these topics see Lambda Expressions Generics and BindValue

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