BusinessProcess Properties


Activity Determines the main activity to be performed in this BusinessProcess
AllowUserAbort Gets or sets the value determining if the BusinessProcess will listen to certain inputs from the user that will cause it to terminate.
ColumnsGets the columns that are used in this BusinessProcess
Counter Returns the number of cycles started so far.
CurrentHandledCommand Return the currently handled command
CurrentHandledControl Return the currently handled control
CurrentHandledKey Return the currently handled key combination
EntitiesGets entities that are associated to this BusinessProcess by the From property and Relations property
FromDetermines the Entity who's rows the BusinessProcess will perform it's iteration on.
GroupsGets the value determining the BusinessProcess's groups
HandlersGets the BusinessProcess's handlers
InTransactionGets the value determining if a transaction is currently open.
KeepViewVisibleAfterExitGets or sets the value determining if the BusinessProcess's form should remain visible after the BusinessProcess exits.
ModuleGets or sets the value determining the ModuleController to whom this BusinessProcess is associated
NonDbWhere This Where will always be evaluated in memory and may have performance implications
OrderByGets or sets the value determining order in which the rows are ordered
RelationsGet this BusinessProcess relations
RowChanged Indicates if the current row has changed.
RowLockingGets or sets the value determining the BusinessProcess's row locking strategy
ShowViewGets or sets the value determining if the view specified in the View property should be displayed when this BusinessProcess is executed.
TitleGets or sets the BusinessProcess's title
TransactionScopeGets or sets the value determining the BusinessProcess's transaction scope
UserInterfaceRefreshIntervalsets the value determining the interval in milliseconds for the user interface refresh
View Determines the form to be displayed while this BusinessProcess is running
WhereGets the value determining the filter that will be applied on the rows of this BusinessProcess.

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