ColumnBase Properties


AfterExpandGoToNextControl Returns an Boolean that represents additional settings for the Expand event
CaptionGets or sets the ColumnBase's caption
DbReadOnly Determines if this column is only read from the database but not saved to it.
DefaultValueGets the value determining the ColumnBase's default value
Entity Gets the Entity to which this column is bound.
FormatTo be completed
FormatInfo Used to provide additional info on the specified Format
InputRange Get or sets this column's input range.
NameGets or sets the ColumnBase's name
NullDisplayText Gets or sets the text that will be displayed if this column's Value is null.
OnChangeMarkRowAsChanged Determines if the UIController.RowChanged property will be set, when this column is changed.
OriginalValue Gets the original value as it was before the EnterRow event.
Value Gets the currently stored value.

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