CustomCommandPrecondition Enumeration

Used by CustomCommand for determining what to do before a CustomCommand is handled


Namespace: Firefly.Box
Assembly: Firefly.Box (in Firefly.Box.dll) Version: debug-master-v:33791
public enum CustomCommandPrecondition


None0 Nothing
SaveControlDataToColumn1 Saves the current control's data to the column
LeaveControl2 Leave the current control and make sure that the column is updated with the current data in the control. After the handler is Executed return to the current control.
LeaveRow3 Leave the current row and make sure that the Database is updated with it's current values. after the handler is Executed return to the current row.
LeaveRowAndSaveToDatabaseAfterHandlerInvokation4 Leave the current control, perform the SavingRow event, and the perform the handler. After the handler is executed the row is saved to the database, and reEnters.

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