UIControllerSavingRow Event

Occurs whenever the user leaves a row, and that row is about to be saved to the Database.


Namespace: Firefly.Box
Assembly: Firefly.Box (in Firefly.Box.dll) Version: debug-master-v:33791
public event SavingRowEventHandler SavingRow




The SavingRow Process

When the user leaves a row, and that row needs to be saved the UIController will perform the following steps:
  • InputValidation for all the controls on the form according to the tab order, starting from the currently focused control.
  • The row is saved to the database.
  • Notice that The LeaveRow event is being raised as well, just before the SavingRow event occures.

The will happen, when the user leaves a row, in one of the following scenarios: If none of these scenarios occurred the changes to the row will not be saved to the database. Also if the row is a new row, and none of the mentioned scenarios occurred, the row will not be inserted to the database.


UIController event flow
This example is based on test data. The code for the entities included in this test data can be found in the documentation of Entity
This example uses automatic tools to generate parts of the user interface. Those tools can be found in the example of the documentation of Form
using Firefly.Box;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace TestFirefly.Box.Documentation
    public class UIControllerEventFlow
        public void NormalEventFlow()
            var jobs = new Pubs.Jobs();

            var uic = new UIController
                From = jobs,
                View = UITools.GenerateFormWithGridFor("UIController events",
                                                       "notice that the SavingRow MessageBox only happens for rows that were changed" +
                                                       "\nAlso pay attention to the fact that the \"After The Run\" message " +
                                                       "will come only after the task ends",
            uic.Load += () => MessageBox.Show("Load");
            uic.Start += () => MessageBox.Show("Start");
            uic.EnterRow += () => MessageBox.Show("EnterRow");
            uic.LeaveRow += () => MessageBox.Show("LeaveRow");
            uic.SavingRow += (b) => MessageBox.Show("SavingRow");

            uic.End += () => MessageBox.Show("End");

            MessageBox.Show("Before The Run");
            MessageBox.Show("After The Run");

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